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BTS: See How Our T-Bars Are Made

13th May 2024

This week I’m inviting you to join me behind-the-scenes, to see how our best-selling t-bars are made, starting with a very bumpy tuk tuk ride to my factory!

Production starts with turquoise wax being poured into t-bar shaped rubber moulds. Once the wax has set, the t-bars are released from the moulds and methodically positioned on a wax tree, ready to be lowered into plaster to create casts.  

Molten metal is poured into the plaster casts to create multiple t-bar forms, that are then renovated by grinding and polishing each one by hand.

Each t-bar is then tied to a rectangular plating frame with very fine wire.

The plating process includes several baths, to clean any impurities from the t-bars, before the actual plating can begin.

The items are then left to dry before being polished.

They then undergo rigorous quality control checks.

The t-bars are then packaged up and sent to our studio in London, where we assemble our jewellery, co-ordinating the t-bars charms with a mix of chains to make our bestselling necklaces, bracelets and lariats!

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