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Jewellery inspired by the past, created for the now, to be worn forever.

Tilly Sveaas Jewellery infuses modernity and sustainability into traditional designs. Links, chains, and pendants are the building blocks of each collection using these fundamental elements and making them their own, regardless of gender or age. Designing for those that seek individuality, the continual playful development of each collection expands as new dimensions, weights and sizes are introduced using ethically sourced materials.

Fashions change, they’re transient. Pieces with style and integrity are timeless.
- Tilly Sveaas

Tilly Sveaas Jewellery is a sign of modern style.

The label is based on the philosophy that "one should never be a slave to fashion". Fast fashion we are not, we aim to strike the balance between contemporary design and ageless staples.

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