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TS Launches in Harrods

21st November 2022

Hello Harrods…

Lots to smile about this week! After months of preparation and excitement, we were given early morning access to the Fashion Lab department on the 4th floor, to display the TS Collection. 

​Scroll down to see more behind-the-scenes photos…

Having meticulously planned out everything in advance, using wood and slabs of marble as a backdrop, we painstakingly laid out each piece according to our layout.

Concentrating so hard and at this point, desperately in need of a coffee…

​Thank goodness they didn’t warn me before hand, about talking to 12 members of staff about the collection, or I wouldn’t have slept a wink!

Love the digital display behind my cabinet. Brings a bit of energy to the space.

Finally, all laid out, priced up and ready for customers.

From here it was straight to Harrods Roast & Bake for celebratory coffee and viennoiseries!

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