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Gold Layering Set £750.00
Silver T-Bar Clasp Anklet £255.00
Gold T-Bar Clasp Anklet £275.00
Giant Gold T-Bar on 80cm Chunky Belcher Chain Necklace £320.00
Large Silver Plated Watch Chain Bracelet £260.00
Large Silver Curb Chain Bracelet £615.00
Large Gold Eternity Stud Earrings £145.00
Large Silver Eternity Stud Earrings £145.00
Silver Plain Bangle Set £350.00
Gold Plain Bangle Set £405.00
Silver and Gold Double Slice Ring Set £185.00
Silver Double Slice Ring Set £190.00
Gold Double Slice Ring Set £175.00
Gold and Silver Triple Ring Set £285.00
Silver and Gold Triple Ring Set £295.00
Silver Triple Ring Set £295.00
Gold Triple Ring Set £295.00
Gold Roped Torque Necklace £330.00
Silver Curb Link Choker £530.00
Gold Curb Link Choker £410.00
Men’s Slim Solid Sterling Silver Watch Chain Bracelet £275.00
Giant Silver Plated T-Bar Watch Chain Necklace £395.00£430.00
Giant Gold T-Bar Watch Chain Necklace £515.00£555.00
Tiny Gold Watch Chain Necklace £295.00
T-Bar Clasp Gold And Silver Curb Link Bracelet £230.00
T-Bar Clasp Gold Curb Link Bracelet £245.00
T-Bar Clasp Silver Curb Link Bracelet £230.00
Silver Compass Anklet £105.00
Silver Curb Chain Lariat Necklace £330.00
Gold Curb Chain Lariat Necklace £385.00
Silver And Gold Lariat Necklace £295.00
Silver Lariat Necklace £240.00
Gold Lariat Necklace £320.00
Men’s Solid Sterling Silver T-Bar On Fine Curb Chain £110.00£120.00
Men’s Gold T-Bar On Fine Curb Chain £130.00£140.00
Silver Number 7 £115.00£125.00
Small Silver Round Link Bracelet £375.00
Classic 3cm Silver Hoop Earrings £140.00
Classic 4cm Silver Hoop Earrings £165.00
Classic 3cm Gold Hoop Earrings £165.00
Classic 4cm Gold Hoop Earrings £195.00
Large Silver Oval Link Necklace £1,350.00
Small Silver Oval Linked Set £675.00
Small Gold Oval Linked Set £520.00
Small Gold Watch Chain Set £615.00
Small Silver Double Link Bracelet £220.00
Small Gold Double Link Bracelet £195.00
Large Gold Interlock Bracelet £350.00
Large Silver Rolo Link Bracelet £340.00
Small Silver Rolo Link Bracelet £210.00
Giant Gold Rolo Link Necklace £985.00
Gold Number 7 £120.00£130.00
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